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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply use our book now form or give us a call at 403-689-9932.
You can also contact us by using our cleaning inquiry form.
If you booked online, we will confirm your booking time within 12 business hours. If we can't service you on your preferred service day or time, we will let you know and work on selecting an alternate time that works for everyone. We also send out a reminder email or make a reminder phone call the day before your service. Before our cleaning team arrives, we do ask that you tidy up loose clothing, counter space items, etc. It will make our cleaning job more effective and our cleaning team will greatly appreciate it.

An example of a regular service day: When we arrive, we go straight to work. We carry job specific notes so we know what to do or what not to do. Our maids welcome constructive feedback and are happy to tailor your service to meet your needs. Upon leaving, we make sure to lock the door behind us. After your property has been serviced for the first time, we'll make a follow-up call to make sure you're happy with our cleaning service.
Absolutely! We do ask that you provide us with fair notice, so we are able to fill the new, empty gap in a team’s route. 3 business days is greatly appreciated. We do not provide refunds to no-show clients if we arrive at a property within plus-or-minus 30 minutes from the service time and no one is home or there is no way to access the property.
The dust keeps collecting, so we don't stop working. Our regular maid services operate year-round from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For commercial, office, or custom jobs we are avialable 24 hours a day when pre-scheduled.

Telephone Operation Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.
Text Message Operation Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM.
Commerical and Custom Jobs:By Appointment > Anytime - 24 hours.

Visit our Contact Us page for appropriate phone numbers and email address.
Not at all. If you're not at home, what most people like to do is hide a key under their doormat or in their mailbox. Our cleaners will have this information and access the property accordingly.
Yes! We make sure our maids are accustomed to animals. Please let us know if your pet has been known to cause problems.
We accept credit cards online or by phone. We also accept email transfers to or cash destributed to employees before they leave. We accept payment prior or during service (before cleaners depart).

If paying by credit card, we charge you on the morning of the service, rather than on the day of booking. If you decide to schedule recurring cleanings, we’ll create an auto-billing schedule so you don’t need to type in your payment information each time. There are no contracts, and you can cancel anytime. For safety reasons, please do not discloseyour credit card information directly to our cleaners. We do not provide refunds if our customer is a no-show, if there is no way to access the residence, or if the cleaners had to depart because of unsafe conditions or rude behaviour - we do send out reminder emails or calls in order to decrease the chances of this occurring.
We're a completely local and family based cleaning company that cares about their clients and takes the time to provide thorough, quality service. We seek long-term, symbiotic relationships, so if you find no benefit to our cleaning services, we will gladly disembark without pay.
We use a combination of our own homemade cleaning solutions containing natural ingredients and brand name products such as Vim, and Weiman's. If you prefer alternate cleaning products or if you prefer us to only use our natural cleaners, we can easily make arrangements to suit your cleaning needs.
Our cleaners get paid a competitive hourly rate of $15 or more and receive benefits in order to keep them happy and working hard.
For services that don't fit in under our regular cleaning categories we usually either settle on a pre-determined price, or charge an hourly rate of $139 for 2 maids for two hours or $179 for 2 maids for three hours.
If our maids miss something during your service, please let us know within 24 hours and we can send out a maid to correctly clean whatever was overlooked, and if you're still not happy we'll provide you with a full refund - it's that simple!