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Our Homemade Natural Cleaners

Time for meaningful change

Water and plants form the basis of our formula and we are proud to say it is all non-toxic and safe. But here’s what makes us unique: each of our products are neatly encapsulated in clean, reused water bottles.

You’re probably wondering why this matters. Natural, cleaning products are all great and dandy. Sure, you're cleaning with natures finest ingredients and feeling great about your place in the world, but what about the bottle that holds the product? That bottle was manufactured at some factory, where carbon emissions, energy and non-renewable resources were unearthed from our planet. Not so cool. With each water bottle we reuse, we are saving our planet from the manufacturing of yet, another plastic container. Reusing or upcycling is the best form of recycling. That's what Modest Mist is all about: smart green products and mindful packaging.

Sometimes, what's on the inside isn't all that matters.

Real, natural ingredients encapsulated in reused water bottles.

  • Clearly labelled ingredients
  • Mindful packaging
  • Non-toxic
  • A Canadian Company

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