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Update: A Tree For Every Customer

Aug 17, 2016

We're happy to say that Modest Maids has decided to partner with Scouts Canada who has a tree planting program for their youth called Scoutrees. We're excited to be helping our forests but also inspiring the next generation to do the same. Our cleaning service will be planting one tree for every ongoing client we clean.


A Tree For Every Customer

June 6, 2016

At Modest Maids we use flyers and door hangers as a form of marketing for our cleaning service. We do it because it's an excellent way of reaching out to the Calgary community and finding new customers for our maids to service. Unfortunately flyers and door hangers are produced from trees, and these days we need trees more than ever to help curb climate change and maintain a healthy environment.

As a way to give back to the environment, we've decided that for every regular cleaning client we obtain, we'll plant a tree out in Alberta's forests. It's even more so appropriate as Les the founder of Modest Maids was able to support himself through University by planting trees during the summer months in Northern British Columbia.

Currently, Modest Maids is looking for Canadian organizations that can help Modest Maids achieve this goal of planting trees. Our goal is to find a trustworthy organization by summer 2016.